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Training Courses

Course DescriptionEstimated HoursPer HourEstimated Cost
Magnetic Testing Level I (Course)24$31.25$750.00
Magnetic Testing Level II (Course)24$31.25$750.00
Penetrant Level I (Course)16$37.50$600.00
Penetrant Level II (Course)16$37.50$600.00
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (T-Mike)24$31.25$750.00
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (A-Scan / T-Mike)32$26.56$850.00
Ultrasonics Testing Level I (Course)40$23.75$950.00
Ultrasonics Testing Level II (Course)40$23.75$950.00
Ultrasonic Weld Examination / Flaw Interpretation24$31.25$750.00
FLUT (Full Length Ultrasonic Testing)40$23.75$950.00
Electromagnetic Testing (EMI)16$37.50$600.00
RSC (Rotary Shoulder Connection) Dimensional Analysis16$37.50$600.00
SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) Interpretation24$31.25$750.00

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