Land & Offshore Inspection

Pinnacle Oilfield Services offers a variety of Inspection Services, both Onshore and Offshore.

Bringing in a well in the most cost-effective and timely manner is the ultimate goal of both rig operators and drilling contractors. That means keeping pipe failure from occurring. Pinnacle Oilfield Services can help your company reach peak performance by insuring that pipe failure will not be a problem by anticipating and avoiding problems with thorough, reliable, and timely inspections, such as Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA), Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI) Drill Pipe, Full Length Ultrasonic Testing (FLUT) Inspection services.

In addition to our Drill Pipe and Tubing Inspection Services, we also offer Hardbanding Products and Services, as well as NDT Training Classes and Consulting.

Service - one of the pinnacle points helping you reach peak performance.

BHA InspectionPinnacle has mobile units available for both land and offshore BHA inspections.
EMI InspectionPinnacle was a pioneer in being one of the first companies to use EMI in the pipe inspection industry. We can put that experience to work for you.
FLUT InspectionContact us for more information on Pinnacle's FLUT inspection services.
Hoisting and Handling Equipment InspectionWe provide inspection and documentation for heavy lift equipment. 
Lathe Refacing Pinnacle can provide superior hydraulic lathe resurfacing.
Pipe MaintenancePinnacle securely stores and maintains your company's pipe.
Tubular OD/ID Brushing/ Rattling Let us remove rust and scale with our brushing unit.
UTEA (Ultrasonic End Area) InspectionThis critical inspection provided by Pinnacle helps prevent the potential problem of pipe breakage and subsequent washing out of the well. 



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