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Consisting of hard chromium carbide as well as many other alloying elements, PinnChrome® hardbanding applied to drill pipe drastically reduces casing wear, while providing excellent protection against tool joint OD wear. PinnChrome® can be applied on new or used tool joints which have not been hardbanded, or it can be applied directly over previously applied tungsten or PinnChrome® applications. In most cases PinnChrome® may be applied over competitor's existing worn chrome carbide applications.

This versatile and economic hardbanding product solves both your casing wear and tool joint problems, pleasing both rig operators and drilling contractors. It is the only hardbanding product that can be applied directly over smooth tungsten carbide. And, your old hardbanding deposits do not have to be removed before applying PINNCHROME, saving you money, time, trouble and the possibility of damage to the tool joint.


Plus, we'll go to the pipe. Pinnacle Oilfield Service has mobile hardbanding units that can travel anywhere in the continental U.S. to save you additional trucking, operational costs, and limit pipe down-time. And as both the manufacturer and applicator, Pinnacle offers you one-stop shopping and an unmatched guarantee!!



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