Hardbanding Products & Services
Pinnacle Oilfield Services is proud to provide the following Hardbanding Products and Services:

  • PinnChrome®
  • PinnTanium®
  • Other Applied Hardbands
  • Portable Units
  • Stationary Units

To learn more about Pinnacle Oilfield Services hardbanding products and services, click on any of the links below. In addition to our hardbanding products, we also offer pipeline and tubing inspection services, as well as NDT training, testing, and certifications.

PinnChrome®More than a decade of research, development, and actual use has culminated in Pinnacle Oilfield Services, Inc. being able to offer you their crowning accomplishment - PINNCHROME Alloys.
PinnTanium®PinnTanium® is hard but tough, offering non-cracking deposits when applied properly to a tool joint.
Other Applied HardbandsPinnacle Oilfield Services offers Tuffband NC and Duraband NC applied hardbands.



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